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If you have recently purchased a new TV, Clothes Dryer or Refrigerator, you may be eligible for a rebate through the Victorian Government Energy Efficiency Target.

Claiming your rebate through the Victorian Government Energy Efficiency Target is easy.

LED lighting is recognised as an extremely energy efficient option for individuals and businesses, with cost savings to be made over time in terms of power, replacement and maintenance costs. There is an initial outlay involved in terms of installing LED lighting, but this outlay is recouped considerably over time with the savings made on energy and so on.


In addition to providing a very efficient source of lighting when power requirements are considered, LED lighting is also a far more environmentally friendly solution when compared with other more traditional lighting solutions. LED lighting is produced using far less toxic materials than halogen bulbs and as the power used is also less, it means less potential use of fossil fuels and reduced carbon emissions. For those individuals and businesses using solar panels as a power source, LED lighting is a very practical way of producing maximum light while minimising the drain on energy produced from such panels. …Readmore


The Government of Victoria is fully supportive of sustainable energy solutions being used and made available to as many individuals and businesses as possible. In that context, there is a scheme in operation to provide free LED light upgrades under a government energy efficiency program which promotes the efficient use of technology such as LED lighting.


As part of a range of initiatives aimed at supporting sustainable energy under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target VEET scheme, there is an opportunity for consumers to upgrade and replace less energy efficient lighting options with LED lighting.


The scheme operates through Approved Persons accredited to operate under the scheme and offer Free LED lighting under the Government program. EcoCare Carbon Solutions is a company with a dedication to providing sustainable energy solutions for individuals and businesses to support the environment while delivering real solutions that are tailored to the requirements of our customers.


With proven experience, EcoCare Carbon Solutions can guide you through the entire application process to make it a stress-free procedure for you. Our expertise enables individuals and businesses to successfully benefit from the incentives on offer.


For more information on the service on offer from EcoCare Carbon solutions, commercial energy audits and the lighting replacement scheme in general, browse our website some more as it’s a rich source of information.


To speak to one of our expert representatives you can submit a query online via the “contact us” page on our website. Alternatively, send us an email to or call us on 1300 361 846. …Hide content